Message from Arthur , with great pleasure allow me to introduced travoo. As a lover of travel me and my team thought of a different way of doing travels and attending events in a way that we would love to. we found it interesting and hence decided to create a software for us and you the traveler. In this platform you will find variuos features which are all tiled to make your travel and going to events fun, interesting, networking and above all cost effecective.

Most of our focus has been put on travels to the motherland, Africa is the richest place when it comes to tourism, from the diversity in nature of our people to the great natural physical features that create an amazing scenary that will bring your soul to life not forgetting the home of the great animal species man has ever known.


How about we start thinking of the best way to go away in unknown place with friends, strangers that eventually become our accomplinces . Our matching feature is fully designed to help our family of tourists, event goers connect or network within themselves. This brings them closer and share ideal destinations together. this is all done with in the app itself. just like anyother social platform travoo gives you the right to accept or decline any request.Our matches are based on age bracket, ideal destination, event, location and also we give a chance to the user to view their profiles.A background check is done to ensure the safety of the persons and their belongings on both the users and tour agencies that use this platform. so be rest assured you and your information will be safe. Remember "its always fun when you do it with friends and new friends "

when you purchase a ticket for any particular event from our platform , we shall be providing you with a dotted map of your location , showing you live data of the people who are around you that are going to that particular event. In most cases this are your friends on social media or you have ever shared or pooled to an event together. this is done to cut costs of transportation , parking and also encourage networking NOT FORGETTING keeping our roads less congested and safe. E-ticketing is our primary goal and in the near future we shall be providing the ultimate 5-star checkin at all events.